Published On: Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Independent or assisted living homeFacing the realities of aging and the potential transition away from home to an assisted living facility can be a challenging and emotional journey for an adult child to face with their aging parent. In some cases an aging parent may be reluctant to initiate the move on their own or may be unable to evaluate their own capabilities and care needs. The following is a helpful list of some questions to consider and signs to look for when considering whether it’s time to explore assisted living care:

  • Medications: Is your aging parent able to properly store, administer, and manage all medications?
  • Falling: Is your parent suffering from falls? Look for signs like bruises, soreness, or limping.
  • Grooming/Self-Care:  Can your parents bathe themselves, brush hair, trim nails, etc.  Are they wearing clean and seasonal/weather appropriate clothes?
  • Feeding/Cooking:  Is your parent able to safely operate kitchen equipment to prepare meals?  Look out for appliances being left on or unattended.  Are you noticing food going bad in the refrigerator or other signs they may not be eating enough, like weight loss or lack of energy? 
  • Home Safety: Does your parent’s home have adequate smoke, fire, and CO detectors?  Is it equipped with things like grab bars or shower seats to assist with mobility? Is there an evacuation plan in place and does your parent know how to call for help in an emergency.
  • Finances: Are there stacks of unpaid bills and unopened bank statements? Does your parent need help managing monthly bills and keeping up with correspondence?
  • Support Network: Are friends and family visiting often? Does your aging parent have activities to keep them involved in the community and engaged with personal relationships, or are they increasingly isolated and lonely?
  • Mental Health: Is your aging parent happy and content, or do they seem less vibrant, anxious, or even depressed? 

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