What is a fiduciary?

Published On: Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A fiduciary is a person who is invested with rights and powers to be exercised for the benefit of another person such as an administrator of an estate, a trustee of a trust, a court appointed guardian, or an agent of a power of attorney. Choosing to designate the right person for these roles is essential. Some factors to consider when selecting who you would like to designate in a fiduciary role are:

Financial Aptitude: Is this person well-versed in handling financial matters and trustworthy with these types of responsibility?

Geographic Consideration: It is often easier if the person filling a fiduciary role lives nearby.

Healthcare & Privacy: Do you trust this person to know in advance your wishes for healthcare administration?

Trustworthiness: Above all you want to choose someone that you know to be honest and trustworthy.

Another option to consider is that of a corporate fiduciary. This may be necessary if there are not any family members willing or capable of serving.

 A corporate fiduciary may be more expensive and provide more formality; however, when there are vast assets, this provides better structure and is worth the added expense.  

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