A New Type of Dementia Discovered

Published On: 06/05/2019

Learn about DementiaDementia is a broad catch-all term that describes any condition that impairs cognitive functions including memory and decision-making abilities if it reaches a point that it impacts normal life behavior. There are several causes of dementia, most stemming from an abnormal buildup of certain proteins. This newly discovered version results from a buildup of the protein, TDP-43.

In April 2019, scientists at the University of Kentucky discovered another condition that causes dementia. It is referred to as limbic-predominant age-related TDP-43 encephalopathy, “LATE” for short.

It only shows up in seniors over the age of 80 and its symptoms, including memory loss, progress more slowly than Alzheimer’s.

An early diagnosis may allow the individual time to meet with an experienced elder law attorney to discuss long term care planning and Medicaid asset protection planning. If the person’s dementia advances beyond the ability to plan for himself or herself, a designated Power of Attorney may be able to assist. If there is not a Power of Attorney in place, guardianship may also be an option.

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