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Britt L. Stouffer, Esq.

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Britt L. Stouffer is a Maryland attorney experienced in Estates, Trusts, and Elder Law. With over 10 years of experience in Estates and Trusts, she has learned to appreciate how unique each client truly is. On a typical day, you will find her working on Wills, Revocable Living Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Advance Medical Directives, Tax Planning cases, Estate Administration filings, Petitions for Guardianships, Special Needs Planning, and Asset Protection.

Britt is a member of the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy and an avid supporter of the Royal Historical Society. Her intersecting interests in British Estate Law and the American Constitution have inspired her to devote her career to Wealth Preservation and Inheritance Law. She founded Stouffer Legal in 2012 to provide tailored asset protection and pre-crisis planning services rooted in each client’s unique story and objectives.

Ms. Stouffer has a Masters in Taxation from the University of Baltimore and always enjoys taking on difficult tax issues. Beyond tax savings, she is committed to designing plans that preserve legacies and support family heritages that are meant for generations to come. Britt has also devoted herself to the legal practice of defending Estates with Firearms to become Maryland’s foremost expert in firearm possession and inheritance law. This experience has given her team a unique perspective to appreciate all fruits of passion found in their client’s unique and extraordinary stories and history. Britt and her team are located in Towson, MD and always look forward to meeting new people.

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