The Three Main Roles Involved in Estate Planning

3 main rolesWhile some may choose to purchase an estate planning kit from an online retailer for a small fee, others know that getting valuable information based on their specific factors can make a huge difference. That valuable information typically comes from an estate planning team made up of three groups of knowledgeable professionals:

Estate Planning Attorney: Estate planning is more than just coming up with a package of documents – it could mean discussing family dynamics, business succession issues or discovering potential issues that you may not have even considered. Estate planning attorneys apply specific facts to the law and then determine the types of tools and documents that help you accomplish your goals.

Wealth Advisor: An experienced wealth advisor analyzes your financial goals and helps create a strategy, based on risk tolerance, life expectancy and other factors. Having a comprehensive picture of your overall financial picture plays into how your estate planning attorney structures your plan.

Certified Public Accountant: Tax codes change frequently. Having a CPA on the team helps to ensure that your financial goals will not be undermined by tax consequences.

A plan for transferring wealth is just as important as a plan for accumulating it. To pull together a comprehensive wealth team for your estate planning needs in the Greater Baltimore area, please contact Stouffer Legal at 443-470-3599.