Attorney Jason Frank fighting for Maryland to Age in Place

Maryland Elder Law Attorney Jason Frank, Esq. is advocating that the Maryland Senate improve legislation regarding the Home and Community Based Options Waiver so that it:

  • Ensures that those people who lose Community First Choice services because of aging into Medicare can access the HCBOW and continue to receive services in the community; and
  • Eliminates the 22,000-person HCBOW Registry (waiting list) and serves eligible people who want services directly in the community without first entering a nursing home.

In other words, Medicaid should supplement the costs of in-home care for qualified individuals without the need to first be admitted into a Nursing Home.

For more information about this proposal, see this Jan. 28th, 2019 article from Frank, Frank & Scherr, LLC – Jason Frank Presses Maryland Senate for “Aging in Place”.

To watch the full Senate Finance Committee briefing, click here: