Help Seniors Improve Driving Safety with the New CarFit Program

CarFit is a community-based safety program developed by AARP, AAA and AOTA (American Occupational Therapy Association). These organizations worked together with a common goal to help seniors remain active in their communities by driving longer.

CarFit events are free and available in many Maryland communities. Occupational therapists volunteer their time and skills at these events to use a 12-point checklist they developed that ensures each driver’s car is properly adjusted and that all the safety features work properly and the senior driver understands these features.

For example, the volunteer will check some of the following items:

-Head restraints are adjusted to the optimal height for the senior driver.

-Sufficient space (at least 10 inches) between the chest and the airbag.

-Leg room is adequate to reach the pedals.

-Mirrors are adjusted to prevent blind spots.

-Seat belt is working properly and fitted to the senior driver.

-Safety features such as hazard lights, turn signals, parking brake, and windshield wipers are all in proper working order.

These sessions are free, confidential and only take about half an hour. There are upcoming events in Kensington, Silver Spring and Baltimore. Learn more here.

The Elder Law attorneys with Stouffer Legal in the Greater Baltimore area care about helping seniors stay independent longer. CarFit is one way to accomplish this. Contact us at 443-470-3599 for more information on Elder Law planning issues.