Upcoming Workshops & Seminars

Attend a free workshop to learn more about Estate Planning and Elder Care. We hope to see you there!

Most of us want less stress and more predictability!

We always have a great time at our workshops and love to hear how excited people are when they leave.

You will hear some interesting stories about how we plan:

  • Protect your “oh-so-innocent” spouse from Biff the pool boy, or Sylvia the nurse.
  • Defend our children from potential lawsuits, creditors (and that scary new daughter-in-law).
  • Save your assets from the potentially crushing costs of elder nursing care
  • Learn how to skip that whole Probate mess (court process to execute your Will)
  • Nominate loved ones who can protect you in case you cannot speak with your own doctor
  • Appoint a guardian of your children and avoid default custody proceedings
  • Prevent an inheritance from accidentally kicking your Parent of family member off government assistance programs (don’t want to make Mom mad)
  • Financially arrange assets for family members with disabilities so they can safely receive supplemental income

We do the plan – you stay in control!

You’ve worked hard for what you have. You should decide what happens to your assets now and when.

Our commitment to education, free consultations, transparent fixed fees, and care for our clients makes us a one-of-a-kind team. We are a law firm that has created a variety of ways to solve problems. Our focus is helping people who worry about losing their assets or who want to get their assets to their loved ones quickly and easily.

Attorneys Britt Stouffer and Wilson McManus have helped thousands of Maryland families plan their estates during their careers. We know you will learn something new, have fun, and be glad you came!

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